In Hong Kong, a vigilante serial killer by the name of Darker leaves death notices stating when and how he will murder a victim. Even if the victim reports it to the police and receives protection, Darker can easily break through and execute them. Ten years ago, Darker orchestrated a mysterious explosion of Mang Wan, the girlfriend of police inspector Law Fei, with the only survivor and witness being Wong Siu-ping, a homeless man whose was crippled and face was severely burnt and disfigured as a result. Darker reappears again in the present sending out death notices and executing violent and brutal punishments, challenging the police to a face off with an unimaginable conspiracy behind. In response, the police set up a special task force led by Chief Superintendent Hon Ho, where Law is also a member of. Hon and Law collaborates with Wong to for further clues, but they are always fail in every operation and cannot save the victims. Law, whose is skilled in observation and analysis, is able to predict Darker's execution plan every time, but is always a step too late. As each execution occurs, Law starts to notice the hidden secrets behind where Darker's true identity is gradually revealed.

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Thursday, 09 December 2021


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