Elsa (Vanesha Prescilla) and Sandra (Sissy Priscilla) are sisters with a million dreams. Elsa-the little sister- dreams of becoming a movie star. Their father is dead. Their mother, Andini (Karina Suwandi), becomes the backbone of the family by selling dumplings with her daughters who work as cafe waitresses. One day Elsa auditions for a movie looking for a singer role. Elsa sent a video of her singing but using Sandra's voice. Elsa fails, but Bayu (Verdi Solaiman), a music producer, orbits Elsa as the new singer using Sandra's voice. And - successful. On this journey Elsa gets to know her idol singer, Michael Nara (Achmad Mgantara), duet and - fall in love. Sandra began to lose her sister. There is a conflict between these sisters. Then, a lie is revealed!

114 Minutes